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JazzCash APK Download Latest For Android

What is JazzCash APK?

JazzCash is a viral platform for mobile owners; this is also called a mini bank which is owning by you.jazzcash apk

Jazz cash is also known as Mobi Cash which gives you the great features which I am going to mention below.

Before download JazzCash APK read this information about how to use Jazz cash, it will help you to use the app faster.

How to open Jazzcash account?

  1. You need to purchase a Mobilink sim from any Franchise/Retailer
  2. Then activate it just by your thumb impression.
  3. Now Dial *786# then enter your CNIC 13 digits numbers
  4. then you will see the pop-up menu that set your four-digit pin code.
  5. That’s it now go to any retailer shop & give him your thumb impression to verify your jazz cash mobile account.

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How to top up your jazz cash account?

Just carry your money & go to any jazz cash retailer & tell him to add money to your jazz cash account & give him your Mobicash account number & he will send your money into your account.

So, if you are providing him 500 Rupees, he will recharge 500 rupees into your Mobicash account simple.

How to send money into another Jazzcash Account?

This is very simple when you open Jazzcash app you see a dashboard in which you will see Send money now.

There are three options in which you can use & send money to anyone

  1. In the mobile account
  2. In Bank account (Any Bank Account)
  3. To CNIC (you should have correct details on which you are sending the money)

JazzCasH APK Download

You can do much more with this app you can pay your bills online, internet bills, gas bills, light bills, telephone bills & much more.

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MobiCash Features

  • Send money to anyone
  • Pay bills online from your home
  • reserve the cinema tickets
  • you can also reserve the bus tickets
  • Internet bill payments
  • Islamabad traffic police challan payments
  • Motorway M-Tag recharge
  • Insurance
  • Mobile load
  • international remittance
  • Visa debit card

You have never seen any application in Pakistan ever before so, I hope that you liked this Mobicash App.

For more information, you can visit the Jazzcash official site to read their terms & conditions & privacy policies

Thank You for Reading.

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